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Institute of Soil and Water Resources – ELGO “DEMETER”
The Institute of Soil and Water Resources of ELGO “DEMETER” is committed to supporting the rational management of water and soil resources aimed at the sustainable development of agriculture and environmental protection.
To achieve its goals, it implements research and development projects and provides specialized consulting services in water resource protection and management, irrigation water management, and management-improvement of irrigated soils.

Agricultural Corporate Partnership of Thessaloniki S.A. (EASTH)
The Agricultural Corporate Partnership EASTH S.A. is a company with shareholders comprising the largest cooperatives in the Thessaloniki region. It spreads the cooperative institution among the rural population of its region, studies and investigates cooperative and agricultural issues, and informs its members and relevant authorities, aiming to develop cooperative consciousness among farmers.
The company operates in the field of service provision, serving about 26,000 farmers, and has a significant presence in the trade of agricultural products and supplies.

Agricultural Cooperative of Agios Athanasios
The Agricultural Cooperative of Agios Athanasios aims to improve and promote the production of agricultural products in the area, as well as to generally improve the living standards of its residents.
It defends the interests of its producer-members and promotes their products, such as corn, rice, and wheat, providing necessary supplies and equipment for optimizing their production, including fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural tools, etc.

The producer, Anna Papagianni, has been active in the agricultural sector, specifically in rice cultivation, for the past six years.

ECOROUTES is a social cooperative enterprise with constitutional objectives including environmental awareness, ecosystem protection, and promotion of the circular economy and waste reduction.

Based in the Municipality of Delta, it implements actions in the broader Thessaloniki area and Central Macedonia, which include:

  • Nature and culture tours
  • Environmental education
  • Organization of events and volunteer actions
  • Conducting seminars
  • Providing technical advice
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