“Kick-Off Meeting for the RicEnviFlow Project

On Monday, November 6, 2023, the kick-off working meeting of the RicEnviFlow Project was held at the facilities of the Soil and Water Resources Institute in the Industrial Area of Sindos.

The meeting was attended by members of the project’s operational team (E.A.S.TH., Agios Athanasios Cooperative, Ecoroutes Social Cooperative Enterprise, farmer, Ms. Anna Papagianni) and representatives of the coordinating body of ELGO «DIMITRA» SWRI”.

During the meeting, the progress of the project to date was presented.  In addition, the framework of the Action Plan and its implementation schedule were set.

A primary priority of the Project is to improve irrigation efficiency in rice crop, and to promote a new – environmentally sustainable, economically efficient, and socially equitable – culture in agronomic practices that will ensure the protection of the environment without compromising rural development, through integrated water resources management.

More meetings and seminars will follow in which all engaged parties and   stakeholders will have the opportunity to participate.

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